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The Personal Support You Need – Here For You During Your Divorce And For Everything After

The job of a divorce lawyer does not necessarily end when your divorce is finalized. There may be other actions that you need to take as time goes by and your family’s needs grow and change. I am Certified Family Law Specialist* Carsen Tazi, and I believe in providing personal attention to all of my clients even after the divorce is legally final.

Does your California divorce decree need to be modified? Do aspects of your property division or child support agreement need to be enforced? I don’t just do divorces – I help families when they need it most. Contact me at my firm Cal Family Solutions to discuss where you are in the process and what you need to effectively move forward.

Serving Your California Family Law Needs

In addition to helping people in California achieve their goals when they file for divorce, I offer assistance in the following specific areas:

  • Child custody and visitation: Establishing who can make important decisions (legal and physical custody) and what the parenting plan will be (visitation) are two of the most important issues when divorcing. These can be modified as needs change but are much harder to fix than to get right at the beginning.
  • Child support: I can help you evaluate and understand appropriate levels of child support. This includes what child support includes, what it pays for, and what it does not!
  • Spousal support/alimony: Temporary spousal support (also known as alimony or spousal maintenance) can be ordered while your case is progressing and is done using a calculation that can be complex and feel unfair to both sides. Post-Judgment support paid after you are divorced is determined on a different set of factors and can be very difficult to modify. I will analyze your case and evaluate your options and, if needed, the arguments for and against your position so that you know what the Court would be looking at.
  • Property division: What is community property and what is not? My detail-oriented approach can help you achieve your goals and ensure an equitable division of property with as little disruption as possible to the assets themselves.
  • Judgment enforcements and collections: Has your ex-spouse not delivered funds or transferred title to property that was agreed would be delivered either from the property division or as child or spousal support? I can pursue what’s rightfully yours at various levels of enforcement from determining the amount, any interest that applies, and often, how to enforce your rights without going to court.
  • Paternity: Called a “Parentage” case, establishing paternity is a necessary step prior to the Court being able to order payment of child support or custody and visitation. This can be filed by either the Mother or the Father to start the custody case for people who are not married. If you are alleged to be the father of a child that you may or may not be the biological parent of, you have rights that need to be asked for immediately or you could lose them forever.

Start The Conversation About What You Need

I offer reduced rate consultations and accept major credit cards for my clients’ convenience. Call 916-287-3237 or contact me online to learn more about how I can help you. Located in Sacramento, I primarily serve clients whose cases are in Sacramento and Placer Counties and in the surrounding communities and can consult on cases being held within the State of California.

*Certified Family Law Specialist by the State Bar of California