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Getting Your Children The Amount Of Support They Need

In California, child support obligations have been set by the Legislature using a formula that is referred to by the Court as “guideline” support. There are a variety of computer programs that are used to calculate these amounts. Only one is publicly available and is not the one that most courts use. I am attorney Carsen Tazi and at Cal Family Solutions, I offer experienced guidance for parents who want to ensure their children receive adequate and court-mandated child support payments that are correctly calculated under the guidelines – including rules and areas of the law that apply to different circumstances such as self-employed parents, childcare and medical expenses, government workers, people on a commission or bonus schedule, and other circumstances beyond a set W-2 salary that never changes.

Figuring Out The Exact Amount Of Support

As an established family law attorney, I have the same programs that most of the courts use in determining child support obligations. I can help you figure out exactly what you should be paying or receiving including evaluating whether you should request to change a current court order or if you should agree to a proposed amount from your ex or the Department of Child Support Services.

Using pay stubs and prior tax information, I can predict what the court will do given a variety of circumstances. While the guidelines do automatically calculate child support payments, adjusting various factors or ensuring that your support is structured correctly can dramatically impact your rights and obligations.

Before you step into court, I can run a variety of possible scenarios through the child support calculator computer programs that are used to determine your obligation so that we can pursue a child support order that is right for you and your children.

The Primary 7 Factors That Determine California Child Support Levels

The primary factors that are used to determine child support obligations include:

  1. Gross income of the primary or “custodial” parent (pre-tax amount)
  2. Gross income of other or “noncustodial parent”
  3. Number of children
  4. The timeshare and parenting plan for each child.
  5. Health insurance premiums and other required contributions (including union dues, pension payments, and others)
  6. Voluntary contributions such as to a 401k or other retirement account; and
  7. Court-ordered financial obligations for a previous spouse or children from other relationships including those living in your home for which you do not pay or receive support.

You often don’t have all the information that you need. You likely have questions regarding your specific situation. Every situation is different and there are special rules that apply in cases where there are bonuses, commissions, variable amounts, or if you or your ex are self-employed or solely operate a S Corporation. Often, not knowing what to expect can prevent you from being able to work with your ex to come to your own agreements. Going to court can increase the stress and often makes any fighting between you get worse. Schedule an appointment to get answers to your family law questions as soon as possible.

Cal Family Solutions Seeks To Promote The Best Interests of the Children

We understand that the creation of a stable home life and making sure that you and the children have the necessary resources – food, clothing, a home, health care, access to normal childhood activities, among others –requires money!. That is true for both the paying parent and the receiving parent. The law often does not have much ability to create a well-thought-out child support plan to ensure that the children have access to those resources. However, you can! This is a situation where no one “wins” and the children need to be the priority. In working with your ex, even just a little, you can help your children have healthy and stable homes.

Connect With Me For A Child Support Consultation

Cal Family Solutions accepts major credit cards for my clients’ convenience. Call 916-287-3237 or contact me online to learn more about how I can help you. Located in Sacramento, I serve the legal needs of parents who are dealing with family law issues in and around the greater Sacramento area, including Folsom, Natomas, Elk Grove, Roseville, and Rocklin.