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A Trusted Professional For Your Family Law Issues

I am California divorce lawyer Carsen Tazi. My firm, Cal Family Solutions in Sacramento, serves California families in need of divorce assistance and help with many of the legal matters that can be associated with a divorce and moving on from a divorce. I utilize my mediation, litigation and considerable experience to help my clients identify, understand, and achieve their family law goals. If you are facing a legal issue related to your family, let my talented team at Cal Family Solutions assist you on your journey. To learn more about my legal background and education, click on the link below:

I know that family matters are emotional and stressful for everyone involved. It can feel overwhelming at times and nearly impossible at others. To assist you in making it through as smoothly as possible, I have developed a solutions-oriented process where I offer personal guidance through the process so that you always have a trusted professional to turn to and rely on to understand your rights, the process, and how to avoid unnecessary court involvement. I am certified as a Family Law Specialist* in California and have worked exclusively in family law since 2008.

Divorce And Related Legal Issues

While there are a great number of laws that create uniformity in the divorce process across the state, there are specific requirements as to which specific county you have to file your divorce in. My familiarity with the courts in Sacramento and Placer counties and how family law works in those areas can be beneficial to my clients. The role of a divorce lawyer can be confusing. I help people with understanding and getting through the divorce process, making informed decisions, and any related legal issues that may come up later in their lives. Perhaps you discover after the divorce that an asset that should have been declared as community property was forgotten. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you lose your rights to it. Five years after your divorce, the child support payments stop showing up. Who do you turn to? I will take the time to get to know your situation and your goals.

My Approach To Family Law

I strive to effectively create solutions for my clients at all stages of their case. It is my primary goal to assist families in maintaining control over their own lives and keeping the court involvement to a minimum. I also want to ensure that decisions have been made with intention and a full understanding of their rights and obligations. Depending on the personalities involved and the situation between the adults, aggressive tactics often can make things worse! It is important to choose an advisor or attorney who will guide you with your goals and intentions in mind. Luckily, with my experience and years of crafting creative solutions and working within the legal system to accomplish goals with an intentional plan crafted in advance – you can benefit from the guidance and expertise that I have developed in order to avoid finding yourself in an unnecessary court battle or believing that you have reached an agreement with your Ex and later finding out that what you each meant was something completely different.

Get The Tailored Legal Guidance You Need To Move Forward

Located in Sacramento, I serve clients in the city and throughout the surrounding communities and California. Call 916-287-3237 or contact me online to get in touch and learn more about how my team can help you.

*Certified Family Law Specialist by the State Bar of California